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Tax Planning that Delivers Results

Though we all know or understand the concept of taxation to a fair degree, we frequently fail to implement the necessary steps and end up in a financial fiasco. The damage is greater if the implications of taxation liabilities are faced by a group or a company and not an individual. Preparing tax returns and tax appeals, filing tax returns and tax appeals and withholding taxes are some of the issues that can do with some expert guidance and advice, and AYA does just that for you.

Since tax regulations are not quite an easy subject to sail through, considering the consequences you may face for not following them, you need to rely on someone who can interpret the complex issues for you and offer sound advice on the same. AYA offers global tax advisory services that encompass all verticals of taxation like income tax, wealth tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax and even indirect taxes like excise duty, service tax, VAT/sales tax and customs duty. Some of the tax consulting services through which we deliver you from all your tax woes are:

  • Tax consulting
  • Tax return preparation and filing
  • Tax appeals preparation and filing
  • Withholding tax services
  • Tax planning of entire business
  • International tax planning through meetings with attorneys abroad
  • Preparing tax-friendly pay structures for employees
  • Tax audit and administration of internal tax procedures
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Transaction advisory services
  • Stamp duty services
  • Value added tax services
  • Tax accounting services

We also guide you in making the right tax investments and minimizing any tax liability that may arise by utilizing all your available tax benefits. Our tax consultancy services are a choice over others for you because we even organize your tax structure in the event of a takeover, merger or an acquisition.

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