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Management Consultancy

Operational Consult for Management Assurance Service

Business spends millions of hard earned rupee on compliance, audit & governance , also globalization and modernization has forced business to be competitive at any cost which in turn has forced management to look more into compliance and audit. Read More…

Financial Service

Firm provided total consultancy in the Area of Project Finance, Appraisal and Various Registrations for the New Projects. To arrange Short Term and Long Term Finance from Financial Institutions, Banks, Private Parties, etc. Read More….

Business Advisory Service

Tax Planning that Delivers Results

Though we all know or understand the concept of taxation to a fair degree, we frequently fail to implement the necessary steps and end up in a financial fiasco. The damage is greater if the implications of taxation liabilities are faced by a group or a company and not an individual. Preparing tax returns and tax appeals, filing tax returns and tax appeals and withholding taxes are some of the issues that can do with some expert guidance and advice, and AYA does just that for you. Read More…

Reorganisation services/ Business Reconstruction

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, under-performing companies and their management teams often require expert advice on how to effectively manage unwanted change and turn the business around. Read More….

Financial Due Diligence

All businesses involved in an acquisition, as buyers or sellers, need to ensure that the financial information they hold is as accurate as possible, not only to prevent paying too much (or in a seller’s case receiving too little) but also to ensure that their governance and risk management objectives are met. Read More…

Special Accounting Services

AYA employs professional business finance and plan consultant professionals with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Our staff can offer support in a number of areas, both as an addendum to on-going services we are already providing or as a one-time project. There are several accounting needs that only come up occasionally—we call these Special Accounting Services. Read More….

Fixed Asset Register Related Services

In India, it is necessary for Companies to maintain Fixed Asset Register’s containing certain mandatory information. Often, Companies which are multi-location and working on legacy work platforms have the need to incorporate this Register into the new ERP platform to which they migrate. Read More…

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